If you don't own the Masterfile it's not really rare.

Masterfiles are the only digital art that protects their value by preventing mass replication

Protect your digital fine art

Using Masterfile's innovative DRM technology means only validated owners can experience the artwork.

The Masterfile Difference

How it works

Masterfile uses the ethereum blockchain and state of the art encryption to enable you to sell and collect protected digital art


Mint Masterfile

Each Masterfile is associated to an NFT that represents ownership and unlocks each file


Trade Masterfile

When a collector sells their Masterfile they lose ownership as well as the ability to open the piece


Unlock Masterfile

Easily validate ownership of your Masterfile with a single click to unlock your art

Digital fine art requires the finest infrastructure

Infrastructure for digital fine arts

Masterfile is building a world class infrastructure to support incredibly talented artists to sell their digital masterpieces that can maintain their value.

  • Masterfiles can only be experienced by owners of the corresponding Masterfile Token (MFT)
  • Masterfile abstracts away the complexities of minting, selling, and collecting NFTs and digital fine art
  • Masterfiles provide a truly unique experience for art collectors compared to standard file formats

Unlock Masterfiles with an MFT

Each Masterfile can only be unlocked by the associated Masterfile Token (MFT)

Seamlessly Rotate Your Collection

No fuss no muss. Easily rotate Masterfiles in your collection with one click.

Create a Gallery and Represent Artists

Galleries are incredibly important curators of talent within the arts industry

Receive Royalties on Your Art

Each time a piece is sold the artist earns a royalty on that sale in perpetuity.

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