Infrastructure for the NFT economy.

Masterfile enables anyone to create a robust, elevated NFT media businesses

Create your own Masterfile Channel

Producers can finally create their own entity in the Web 3 ecosystem, complete with a custom designed storefront on their own domain, portfolio management, collaboration features and more.

NFT-based Media Channels in 3 Steps

How it works

Masterfile provides an easy to use end to end solution for producers to create custom NFT experiences. Masterfile takes a 5% fee from all transactions.


Create Masterfile Channel

Load up your portfolio, customize your website design, Mint your Masterfiles, and launch on your domain.


Distribute Masterfiles

Schedule a drop, drive collectors to your website via your marketing channels, and sell your Masterfiles


Unveil Masterfile

Masterfile collectors can experience your collectibles inside the Masterfile Viewer

Media Channels in a Web 3 Economy

Powering the Ownership Economy

Masterfile is building world class infrastructure to support incredibly talented content producers to create customer experiences to distribute their content and collectibles easily and accessibly.

  • Easily create an gallery, publisher, studio, collective, or media company
  • Create collaborations that automatically split earnings and royalties across all collaborators
  • Support for auctions, open edition, lazy minting, drops and much more


Masterfile Viewer simplifies crypto onboarding and elevates the collectibles experience


Create collaborations specific to an NFT that will divide all payment proportionally


Coming soon, OpenDRM assigns the ability to access/open a file to the NFT holder


Each time a piece is sold on the Masterfile network the producer earns a royalty

We're launching soon. Excited? We are too.

We can't wait for you to start minting, trading, and collecting Masterfiles. Drop your details and we'll be in touch.

If you're interested in a Masterfile Channel select "Producer (Channel)"

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